Giving life to his subconscious, Wathuwalagedara has produced some of the most powerfully expressive art of his time. Both his paintings and drawings do not have titles that define them, but are scintillating experiments on canvas using a powerful combination of colour and form.


Immersed completely in the world of art, Neville Weeraratne never ceases to be amazed by rural Sri Lanka and its people. An internationally recognised painter, Neville is also an author, having written acclaimed books on art and artists. He lives in Melbourne, often visiting Sri Lanka for exhibitions and in search of inspiration for his work.


The late Donald Ramanayake was one of Sri Lanka's most gifted landscape artists, having breathed life into some of the most beautiful local scenery ever to be captured on canvas using pastels, charcoal, water colour and oils. His love for colour has dominated his work, and he has received state and public recognition for his paintings. Donald was also known as a keen and generous art teacher, sharing his knowledge freely with his students.


Having started off painting landscapes, Basil Cooray defines his canvases with a few delicate touches and precise lines, bringing out the haunting natural beauty of villages and landscapes. His masterpieces are a result of his encounters with various cultures and traditions. His solo exhibitions have been held at various galleries across the island.


An artist and scholar of international repute, the late L.T.P. Manjusri was one of a handful of pioneering Sri Lankan artists who took interest in studying and publicising temple paintings of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Apart from devoting himself to these murals, he produced his own originals, favouring the use of watercolours for his work. His famous paintings have taken him across the world to countries such as India, Tibet, England and Austria.


Richard Gabriel's art is in a league of its own, architecturally ordered and unconstrained amid a riot of colour. Gabriel's art is a study of the behaviour of men and animals where he brings out our inherent duality. This honest quality synonymous with Gabriel's style makes his paintings more meaningful and accessible to people.


Inspired by visualising everything around her as art in motion, Cora de Lang's art is a homage to the different cultures and continents she has traversed. She started off with landscapes of her hometown as a child, and grew to be an accomplished artist by gaining experiences through long periods of travel across the world. She brings to art 'reality' as she sees it.


From the South of Sri Lanka, Sujith Rathnayake received his BFA from the Institute of Aesthetic Studies - University of Kelaniya. He was selected as 'Artist of the Year' by the George Keyt Foundation in 1999, and was also selected by the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum under the 'Winds of Artists in Residence' programme, where he went on to exhibit his work. He has also held exhibitions in Bangladesh and the Netherlands.


Dep Thushara is an artist and sculptor who has been recognised for his talent and skill at the State Art & Sculpture Festival on numerous occasions. Focusing mostly on the human emotions, while exploring the various times and seasons faced by human beings, Thushara has thus far held four solo exhibitions enthralling visiting art enthusiasts each time.


Gandhara exhibits renowned local talent, and also launches novice artists, offering them a platform to showcase their inherent talent and creative passion.